With Father’s Day Upon Us, Hilliards House Of Candy Provides Here A Look At Favorite Sweets And Snacks Of Famous Fathers – Presidents Of The United States To Be Exact

Pres. George Washington could not tell a lie – and he may have had trouble resisting cherry pie


Father’s Day in America falls every year on the third Sunday of June – that makes this coming Sunday, June 16, Father’s Day 2013.

To help celebrate Father’s Day this year, Hilliards House of Candy – the leading chocolate and candy maker in Greater Boston – thought it would be fun to take a look at sweets and snacks that certain U.S. presidents, all of whom are fathers, enjoy and enjoyed.

So, here we go (after each president and listing, there is a link to where you can find information on the particular president and his confection like):

BARACK H. OBAMA:  Pres. Obama is a big fan of salted caramel sauce – link

GEORGE W. BUSH:  peanut butter and honey sandwiches are a favorite of Pres. Bush – link

WILLIAM J. B. “BILL” CLINTON:  Pres. Clinton very much likes the chocolate chip cookies his wife makes – link

GEORGE H. W. BUSH:  those salty and fried devils, pork rinds, dressed with Tabasco sauce – link

RONALD W. REAGAN:  well, of course, jelly beans were Pres. Reagan’s favorite; he kept a jar of them on his desk in the Oval Office – link   

(A side note: Pres. Reagan particularly liked the jelly beans made by Goelitz Candy Company and Goelitz Confectionary Company.  Goelizt Candy was owned by William Kelly; his cousin, Herman Roland, owned Goelitz Confectionary.  In 2001, the companies joined to become Jelly Belly.  Hilliards House of Candy carries a wide variety of the world renowned Jelly Belly jelly beans.)

JAMES E. “JIMMY” CARTER:  a cookie, made by White House pastry chef, Henry Haller, packed with pecans and, yes, peanuts – link

GERALD R.  FORD:  butter pecan ice cream was high on Pres. Ford’s list of favorite confections – link

RICHARD M. NIXON:  Pres. Nixon liked dried figs.  He also liked, now get this, cottage cheese with ketchup on top – link

LYNDON B. JOHNSON:   Pres.  Johnson liked southern cooking – and he liked sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows – link  

JOHN F. KENNEDY:  while Pres.  Kennedy was not a big eater, one food delight of his was ice cream covered with hot fudge sauce – link  

And, okay, you know we had to throw in a bonus, that of GEORGE WASHINGTON.

(Washington did not have children with his wife, Martha, but became father to two children whom Martha had with her husband, Daniel Custis, who died in 1757, two years before she married the future president.)

The Father of our Country had an affection for pie, especially – you got it – cherry pie – link

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