Two More Days To Easter. In Today’s Post, Hilliards House Of Candy – The Leading Chocolate And Candy Maker In Greater Boston – Features Its Floppy Eared Chocolate Rabbits

Hilliards Floppy Eared Chocolate Rabbits


Okay, today, Hilliards House of Candy features in “our approach to Easter” blogging, our delicious and thoroughly cute and adorable Floppy Eared Chocolate Rabbits.   Just look at them (photo above).  

We have the rabbits, and their floppy ears, available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.  Each chocolate rabbit comes boxed nesting on “Easter” grass and surrounded by three milk chocolate eggs wrapped in foil.  

Our Floppy Eared Chocolate Rabbits, and other chocolate rabbits, and our wide range of other types of Easter candy, and our beautifully designed Easter baskets, all filled with a tasty selection of our confections, are available in all of our three stores, in Easton on Rte. 138; in Canton, at the Village Shoppes, just off of Cobbs Corner; and in Hanover, on Rte. 123.  

Just stepping in to our stores – with their Easter and spring decorations, and the smell of quality chocolate – during this time of year fills one with the spirit and happiness of the season. 

Happy Easter!