Treat your Teacher to Something Sweet!

Wow, can you believe that the school year is almost over? Time is just flying by! Before you know it, the kids will be packing up their desks and heading out for summer vacation. Don’t forget to have them thank their teachers for everything they’ve done to help get your child through another year before they go though.

With National Teachers’ Appreciation Day coming up tomorrow, May 7, 2019, there’s no better time!

If you really think about it, being a teacher is an often-thankless job. They put up with the long sighs over pop quizzes and the million and one excuses given for why homework assignments are late. And does the work really end when the last bell rings? Lots of evenings are spent grading those assignments and coming up with lesson plans that are as fun as they are educational. If you ask us, teachers deserve much more than they often get, but chocolate is always a good place to start.Bite Size Truffle Assortment | Hilliard's Chocolates

This National Teachers’ Appreciation Day, stop in to one of our Hilliard’s Chocolate locations and pick something out for your favorite teacher! We have plenty of options to satisfy the taste buds of any chocolate-loving teacher in the Boston area. If you’re looking for something small and simple, take a look at our Best Sellers section. Our Bite-Size Truffle Assortment, Almond Toffee Crunch, and Pecan Turtles are all some of our top suggestions.

Looking to make a grand gesture for a teacher who may have gone above and beyond to help your child this year?

We have a fantastic selection of gift towers and baskets to choose from. Our Classic Collection Basket is packed with some of our most popular goodies, while the Sweet N’ Salty Toffee Duo is perfect for those who prefer a bit of both worlds.

Our teachers give so much to us every single day, expecting nothing other than respectful students who are willing to learn. No matter what you choose to purchase for your teacher, we can guarantee that the gesture will not go unappreciated. So hurry in to one of the Hilliard’s Chocolate shops today to secure the perfect gift and make one very lucky teacher smile tomorrow!