Treat Dad to Something Sweet for Father’s Day

Each year, there’s one specific day set aside to showing your father how much you care about him and that’s the perfect time to get him a gift you know he’ll love: chocolate. Whether it’s your dad, your grandfather, your father-in-law, or any other father figure in your life, consider making the gourmet chocolates we offer at Hilliards Chocolate a beloved staple of the holiday.

Show your love for a special man in your life this Father’s Day with unique and gourmet chocolates from Hilliards Chocolate.

Must-Have Mustache Caramel Apples

 Father’s Day means a lot to us at Hilliards Chocolate, so each time it passes, we do something special with our chocolates. This year, we’ve outfitted some of our caramel apples to look a little bit like dad with the simple addition of a mustache. The tasty treat will not only bring laughs, but also, a delicious gift set of different caramel apples to sample. Contact us to place an order.

“Espresso” Your Love for Dad

 We know the one thing a dad loves just as much as chocolate and that’s coffee. So why not give him both? With our chocolate espresso beans, you can do exactly that. They have the great flavor of espresso, wrapped in a nice dark chocolate taste. These are perfect for a morning when dad is too busy to take a moment for himself.

His Must-Have Sugar-Free Chocolate

 If your dad says he’s feeling his age and has to watch his sugar intake, have no fear—we’re here for you. We’ve introduced an entire line of sugar free chocolates that have all the deliciousness of chocolate, without the sweet grams of sugar. They include: almond bark, buttercrunch, peanut butter cups, vanilla caramels, and peppermint creams. Take your pick!

Bring Dad Craft Beer Brittle

 Because why not celebrate Father’s Day this year with a pint, and the perfect snack: our very own Craft Beer Brittle, cooked with Easton’s own Shovel Town Brewery beer. It’s the combination we all love: salty Spanish peanuts, sweet chocolate, and craft beer. Trust us, your dad will appreciate it.

Questions about our chocolates? Don’t hesitate to ask us, Hilliards Chocolates can help you make this year one to remember.