Today is Sweetest Day! Let’s celebrate!

18402833574_c81e211b9a_oDid you know today is Sweetest Day?  It’s possible that you may have never even heard of it, but it’s been a tradition since 1922!  It’s not another Valentine’s Day,  rather it’s a very sweet day to show compassion and love to those in need, or just to those you care about.  Sweetest Day is predominantly celebrated in Midwestern states, but it gathers more and more momentum every year.  Who can say no to spreading cheer!?

According to Retail Confectioners International, back in 1922, a candy maker from Cleveland named Herbert Birch Kingston decided to give candy and small gifts to people who were often neglected including the city’s orphans and others confined to their homes.  The idea of spreading cheer to the underprivileged broadened to include everyone from family and significant others to coworkers and acquaintances through a kind act or a small remembrance.

Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of October every year, landing on today, October 17’th!  Let’s all share some sweet treats and spread some cheer!  Happy Sweetest Day!