‘Tis The Season For Ribbon Candy – And Hilliards House Of Candy Makes Some Of The Most Delicious To Found Anywhere


Now, for sure, when you think of candy of the holiday season, you think of ribbon candy – a “pulled” hard candy that is folded.  Hilliards House of Candy – the top chocolate and candy maker in Greater Boston – makes some of the most delicious ribbon candy on the planet.  

(Attached is a photo of some of our ribbon candy.)   

Hilliards House of Candy Ribbon Candy

This year we offer ribbon candy in the following flavors: peppermint, clove, molasses peppermint, vanilla, lemon, and wintergreen.  Click here to be taken to a video taken in the Hilliards House of Candy in 2008 that shows our ribbon candy being hand made.  

Please visit any of the Hilliards House of Candy three stores – in Easton, Canton, and Hanover to pick up some of our ribbon candy, or any of our candy.  You can also order online or by phone. 

Ribbon candy and the holiday season – they go well together.