The Sweetest Wedding Favors come from Hilliard’s!

Wedding season is in full swing, and you probably have a full calendar of events—bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and of course, the weddings themselves!

If you’re planning any of these events yourself, we’re guessing that the time will soon be coming for you to decide what type of favors you want to hand out to your guests. If you’re going to spend time and money on the perfect favors, why not make it something you know they’ll enjoy? Rather than another book of matches or a candle holder with your names etched on it, think sweet; think edible; think Hilliard’s Chocolates!

Hilliard’s Chocolates has a wide selection of edible wedding favors to choose from.

Chocolate-dipped Bride & Groom Pretzel Rods

How about chocolate-dipped pretzel rods decorated to look like a bride and groom? Everyone loves a delicious, salty-sweet treat, and you can package yours in personalized gift bags with your names and wedding date on them. Another way to make it your own would be to tie the bags closed with a ribbon that matches your wedding colors! Cute, simple, and perfect for wedding celebrations. At Hilliard’s Chocolates, our chocolate-dipped pretzel rods are available in white, milk, or dark chocolate and are absolutely delicious!

Hilliard’s Chocolates has plenty of other options for wedding favors, including:

  • Chocolate-molded wedding cakes in milk, dark and white chocolate
  • Personalized boxes of chocolates and customized chocolate bars
  • Chocolate long-stemmed roses, either plain or foil-wrapped
  • Double-dipped caramel apples in a “bride and groom” theme
  • Chocolate starfish and sailboats, for nautical-themed weddings
  • Chocolate seashells, for ceremonies by the beach
  • Chocolate bridal shower favors

When you contact Hilliard’s Chocolates, we’ll work with you to customize your order. It’s our goal to help make your edible wedding favors as special and unique as your relationship. Get started today by placing an order for your wedding favors online, by phone at 1-800-286-2533, or stop into one of the Hilliard’s Chocolates shops to chat with us in person!