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Hop Over to Hilliards for Your Favorite Easter Chocolate!

The snow is melting, the bunnies are hopping and the eggs are rolling… Easter is in the air! Hilliards Chocolates has a large selection of chocolate, candy, baskets and Easter gifts to help you celebrate one of our favorite holidays! It’s time to start gathering Easter goodies for your loved ones, here’s what we suggest:… Read more »

So, Why Are The Bunny And Rabbit So Identified With Easter? Hilliards House Of Candy – The Leading Chocolate And Candy Maker In Greater Boston – Refers To Some History

  In yesterday’s post here at the Hilliards House of Candy blog, we discussed one of our popular and delicious Easter offerings:  Floppy Eared Chocolate Rabbits.       Of course, Hilliards offers different varieties of chocolate rabbits, which, like our Floppy Eared Rabbits, are scrumptious and made on site in our kitchen.   The bunny and the rabbit. … Read more »