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No Tricks, Just Treats at Hilliards Chocolates

It’s finally the spookiest time of the year — but also, the sweetest! Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to stock up on the best treats (not tricks). Hilliards Chocolates has an assortment of gourmet Halloween specials to satisfy ghosts and ghouls alike. Here are a few of our fun and festive… Read more »

Have You Stocked Up on Halloween Candy Yet?

Halloween is just two short weeks away! Which means you are probably busy adding the finishing touches to your children’s costumes and decorating your lawn with skeletons, graveyard signs and other spooktacular décor meant to spook trick-or-treaters. In the midst of all this excitement and planning, you may have forgotten to pick up all your… Read more »

The Delicious History of Halloween and Candy

A much loved holiday for children and adults alike, Halloween provides the unique opportunity to enjoy candy and other sweets while dressed as anyone or anything you can imagine. Chocolate molded in the likeness of jack-o-lanterns and ghosts, candy is one of our favorite parts of the festivities. From milk chocolate ghosts to caramel apples… Read more »

Hilliards Chocolates Does A Call Out For Its Jack-O-Lantern Pop

Today, Hilliards Chocolates — a leading maker of fine chocolates and specialty candies south of Boston — highlights another of our special and delicious Halloween treats Our Jack-O-Lantern Pop is made from our own homemade milk chocolate and adorned with candy eyes and a candy nose.  It is also decorated with a ribbon. Please click… Read more »


Hilliards Chocolates – a leading maker of fine chocolates and specialty candies south of Boston – provides many scrumptious homemade options to help make Halloween, the biggest candy holiday of the year, special. Among those options are our Three Ghostly Guys – a trio of happy, adorable, and delicious handcrafted chocolate ghouls that come boxed…. Read more »


  Hilliards House of Candy – the leading candy and chocolate maker in Greater Boston – provides a wide assortment of unique and deliciously delightful homemade confections for Halloween.   Trick-Or-Treaters, of all ages, adore our scrumptious Halloween candies.   Among those candy selections are the, well, let’s call them, “ghoul lollypops,” featured in the photo above…. Read more »