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Getting Out Ahead Of It; Hilliards House Of Candy – The Leading Candy And Chocolate Maker In Greater Boston – Highlights One Of Its Easter Special Confections

  Easter and the Easter season are most important and sacred days of observance for Christians worldwide.  Easter is also tied to the season of spring and reawakening – and the festive atmosphere of bunnies and Easter baskets and candy.  And generations of people in Greater Boston have delighted in giving and receiving Hilliards House… Read more »

Hilliards House Of Candy Talks About Marshmallow

    Hilliards House of Candy, the leading candy and chocolate maker in Greater Boston, enjoys delving into and studying the history of various candies and sweets.  After all, it our business, and so much of our life. Today we share some background and history on marshmallow.  Marshmallow candy has its roots – figuratively and… Read more »

Hilliards House Of Candy – The Leading Chocolate And Candy Maker In Greater Boston – Gives A Big Mention To A Chocolate Stout, Made With Bittersweet Belgian Chocolate, That Is Available At StoneForge Tavern In Easton

  As is our custom, Hilliards House of Candy likes to recommend local businesses and products sold at local businesses.  We believe strongly in buying local.  We believe in giving back to community. As the leading chocolate and candy maker in Greater Boston, what especially catches our attention and eye are the sweets and desserts… Read more »

In Celebration Of The Chocolate Walk – Civic Minded People Up In Danvers And The Surrounding Area Involving Chocolate In Their Exercise/Recreation/Community Building

  This afternoon in Danvers, north of Boston, a hybrid exercise/recreation/community building event was held.  It was the 4th Annual Chocolate Walk. The Chocolate Walk, held every January, is one of the monthly activities which may involve walking, bike riding, running, and horseshoeing that are organized and managed by the Danvers Bi-Peds.   Founded in 2002,… Read more »