Stuff Your Stockings with Candy this Year

As a child, one of the most exciting parts of Christmas morning is reaching into your stocking to find all the little treasures that Santa left behind. And what better way to start the holiday than with a piece of your favorite candy? Here at Hilliards Chocolates, we have plenty of delicious seasonal options to choose from. Perfect for filling your stockings with or bringing to your next holiday party, these are some of our traditional holiday favorites:

Candy Canes

Candy canes have been a holiday favorite for hundreds of years, originating in the late 1600s when a German choirmaster passed them out to children during the long Christmas Eve service. These sugar sticks were bent in the shape of a shepherd’s crook to celebrate the Christmas holiday, but it wasn’t until the 1900s that red peppermint stripes were added; creating the version of the candy cane we know and love today.

 handmade ribbon candyRibbon Candy

A hard candy created by folding warm sugar back and forth, ribbon candy is a holiday staple here at Hilliards. This gourmet sweet has been around since at least 1856, when F.B. Washburn began selling it as has store.  Made in colors of red, green, white and gold, our melt-in-your-mouth candy is spun and cut by hand to create beautiful, thin ribbons. Visit our Facebook page to see how!

Since they are fragile, our handmade candy canes and ribbon candy are only sold in stores, so stop by one of our three Massachusetts locations to pick some up this season! Perfect for stuffing in your stockings, we also have chocolate dipped candy canes available for purchase online.

Happy Holidays from Hilliards!