So, Why Are The Bunny And Rabbit So Identified With Easter? Hilliards House Of Candy – The Leading Chocolate And Candy Maker In Greater Boston – Refers To Some History


In yesterday’s post here at the Hilliards House of Candy blog, we discussed one of our popular and delicious Easter offerings:  Floppy Eared Chocolate Rabbits.      

Hilliards Classic Milk Chocolate Easter Rabbit (eggs not included)

Of course, Hilliards offers different varieties of chocolate rabbits, which, like our Floppy Eared Rabbits, are scrumptious and made on site in our kitchen.  

The bunny and the rabbit.  Why are they so linked in history, imagination, and culture to Easter?  

Well, it seems that, like the Christmas tree, and Easter eggs, it is a matter of religious custom mingling with pagan ritual.  

Below, excerpted from a story titled, “Easter Symbols and Traditions,”  the origins of the Easter bunny and rabbit are discussed:   

The Bible makes no mention of a long-eared, short-tailed creature who delivers decorated eggs to well-behaved children on Easter Sunday; nevertheless, the Easter bunny has become a prominent symbol of Christianity’s most important holiday. The exact origins of this mythical mammal are unclear, but rabbits, known to be prolific procreators, are an ancient symbol of fertility and new life. According to some sources, the Easter bunny first arrived in America in the 1700s with German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania and transported their tradition of an egg-laying hare called ‘Osterhase’ or ‘Oschter Haws.’  Their children made nests in which this creature could lay its colored eggs. Eventually, the custom spread across the U.S. and the fabled rabbit’s Easter morning deliveries expanded to include chocolate and other types of candy and gifts, while decorated baskets replaced nests. Additionally, children often left out carrots for the bunny in case he got hungry from all his hopping.” 

All of the three Hilliards House of Candy stores – in Easton (on Rte. 138), Canton (at the Village Shoppes just off of Five Corners), and Hanover (on Rte. 123) – will be open on Easter, in the event you still need to pick up a chocolate bunny, or any other of our confections, for a special person.