Sample All the Best Flavors of Fall with Hilliards

As the leaves begin to change colors and families start picking apples and pumpkins, it is obvious that fall is here in Massachusetts. Another telltale sign: Hilliards Chocolates has brought back all of our most delicious fall flavored chocolate and candies! Our candy-making connoisseurs are hard at work, our shelves are filled to the brim with fall themed desserts, and there are Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and witches decorating every window of our Easton store.

From our homemade caramel apples to our hand stirred pumpkin pie or pumpkin truffles there are many different gourmet flavors to enjoy. And just a few weeks’ time to try them all!

Looking for a sweet  idea to bring to your next family get-together? In needs of gifts for your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews? There is an almost endless array of gourmet candies and pumpkin themed chocolates to choose from whether you are shopping with us online or in-stores.

Our candy recommendation for you? Sample a little bit of everything before the season is over!

Our decadently topped caramel apples make a wonderful dessert option for your family to enjoy after dinner this week. And our pumpkin pie and pumpkin swirl fudge are crowd pleasers perfect for your next big event. Another option that white chocolate lovers will adore is pecan caramel apple bark.

Searching for something to fill your candy bowl with at your Halloween costume party? Jack-o-lantern, ghost and pumpkin pops are a delightfully festive choice. Whatever chocolate or candy you choose, we look forward to seeing you this fall season at Hilliards!