Recognizing National Teacher’s Day with Gourmet Chocolates

Between grading quizzes, lesson planning, and continuously coming up with creative ways to encourage children, a teacher’s job is never over. It’s why parents and students should consider taking the time to recognize all the great teachers out there on National Teacher’s Day.

National Teacher’s Day falls on May 8, 2018; show the special teacher in your life how much you appreciate them with Hilliards Chocolates!

Below are a few of the delicious products we would recommend.

Kahlua Meltaway

Most teachers need a tall cup of coffee to get themselves going every morning. Give them the boost that they need in the afternoon with a kahula meltaway; a mild chocolatey treat that includes a hint of coffee liqueur flavor tucked inside of every bite. It will serve as the perfect pick me up for any teacher after a long day in the classroom.

Almond TurtlesGourmet Chocolates at Hilliards

If you have a science teacher on your list, they will certainly fall in love with a box of our almond turtles. These chocolates are jam-packed with chewy caramel and dry roasted almonds before being covered in milk or dark chocolate. Best of all, you can get them packaged in a ribboned gift box when you order a one pound box or larger.

Milk Chocolate Assortment

Outside of working with students in the classroom, most teachers take a lot of work home with them and spend hours sifting through book reports, essays, and lesson plans at night. You can make that part of the job a little easier on them by setting them up with our milk chocolate assortment featuring soft, chewy, and even crunchy centers. This assortment will help them work their way through the next stack of ungraded papers.

Bite Size Truffle Assortment

Want to recognize all of the teachers at your child’s school on National Teacher’s Day this year? Send your child in with our 32 piece bite size truffle assortment. Teachers will be able to pick and choose from mint, chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, tiramisu, and raspberry truffles. This assortment will provide everyone with a “little taste” that they love.

Visit Hilliards Chocolates online to see our full selection of delectable chocolates, call us at 800-286-8533 today to place an order, or stop in to a store and browse.

Written by candymanblog