Prepare for Easter with Hilliards Chocolates

One of our favorite holidays here at Hilliards Chocolates, Easter gives us the opportunity to add a creative spring-colored touch to all of our most popular candies and chocolates. And with the Easter celebrations just a few weeks away, we are busy filling baskets with our favorite homemade delicacies, including milk chocolate bunnies, cream filled eggs and bunny tail truffles.

So where did the Easter bunnies and eggs we love come from? The History Channel provided us with some interesting answers.

Since ancient times, rabbits have been viewed as a symbol of fertility and many pagan traditions included this creature, but it wasn’t until the 1700s that the story of the Easter bunny made its way to America and really started to grow.

German immigrants called the Easter bunny “Osterhase”, leaving carrots and making nests for the bunny that would be filled with colored eggs. Another symbol linked to pagan festivals held at the start of the spring season, these Easter eggs were believed to represent new life.

bunny tail trufflesOver the years, candy began to be added to the nests as a gift for the children, and shops like Hilliards started making delicious chocolate eggs, bunnies and other Easter themed candies.

Nowadays, there is an incredible array of Easter candy to choose from, regardless of what your favorite candy flavors are. Here at Hilliards, we have plenty of delicious homemade candies and chocolates to choose from, including chocolate nests filled with colorful malted eggs – just like the original Osterhase tradition.

Whether you are looking for a basket pre-filled with goodies or all of the delightful candies you will need to  fill a basket of your own, Hilliards Chocolate has an incredible array of Easter chocolate and candy for you to choose from. Place your order online or visit one of our three Massachusetts locations to start shopping for your Easter candy today!