Our Favorite Ice Cream Historical Highlights

A delicacy only enjoyed by the most elite and wealthy of individuals until the early 1800s, ice cream is a well-loved summer specialty that we dish out to visitors of all ages here at Hilliards Chocolates’ Easton Ice Cream Parlor! Homemade flavors like Chew Cashew Turtle Soup and Coffee Brownie Madness are some of our favorites – as are these unique facts about ice cream’s early beginnings.

Early Chinese Origins

Although ice creams exact origins cannot be traced, the earliest form of this sweet dish is believed to have been created in ancient China. As far back as 3000 BC, Chinese royalty was enjoying dishes of rice and milk, frozen in the snow.

American Introduction

Ice cream wasn’t advertised here in America until 1777, when confectioner Philip Lenzi announced in the New York Gazette that his shop had ice cream available almost daily. Early presidents including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison all shared our love of ice cream!

Industrial Revolution

Until the introduction of the first industrial refrigerator in the late 1800s, ice cream was a delicacy reserved for special events. Technology played an important role in the widespread production of ice cream, as refrigerators allowed ice cream to be stored in stores and in homes, and motorized vehicles allowed it to be transported quickly from Point A to Point B.

By the 1930s, ice cream could be found in grocery stores across the U.S., but it is places like Hilliards Chocolates where its delectable flavors really flourish. There is nothing better than a cone of homemade ice cream, especially when it is paired with a homemade waffle cone and specialty sauce.

And for individuals outside of the Boston area, we even offer hot fudge and caramel sauce online!

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