There may still be a lot of candy, purchased for, or received on, Halloween that remains unconsumed. Whether that candy is the delicious Hilliards House of Candy homemade variety, or another type, you don’t want those confections to go to waste.  

To that end, Hilliards – the leading candy and chocolate maker in Greater Boston – points to an interesting and helpful story that ran in the Huffington Post this past Friday, the day after Halloween.  

The article, titled, “What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy,” (yes, as you can see, we’ve inserted that title into the title of this post), was written by Jeanette Pavini, who is a winner of two Emmy awards, and a consumer savings expert.  

Please click here to be taken to the story.  

As Ms. Pavini explains, leftover Halloween candy has many uses – for baking, decorating, and gifting.

You might enjoy trying some of them out.