Maple Sugar Season is Almost Here!

As February comes to a close, the chocolatiers here at Hilliards Chocolates are searching for signs of spring and hoping to say goodbye to the cold, dreary winter weather that has been pounding the state of Massachusetts the past few months. From packing away our shovels to being able to enjoy ice cream again, there are plenty of reasons we are looking forward to the warm spring weather.

And one of the most exciting reasons we can think of is the beginning of maple sugar season!

One of the best times of the year for Boston area residents, the New England maple sugaring season begins in late February and continues through most of March, providing us with the velvety and delicious confection that helps to create some of our incredible seasonal delicacies.

Our favorite maple sugar dessert to indulge in?

Homemade Maple Cream Chocolates! Covered in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, this is one seasonal specialty that you and your family don’t want to miss out on.

Some more great news: The ice cream parlor in our Easton location will be serving Vermont Maple Walnut ice cream, which is the perfect flavor to celebrate the start of spring with!

Hilliards Chocolates cannot wait for the maple sugaring season to begin, and we look forward to seeing faces new and old stop in to enjoy their favorite maple desserts after a long, cold winter apart! Interested in finding out exactly when our maple sugar candies will be in stores? Check our Facebook page for all of our latest candy updates.