Make National Candy Month Sweet with Hilliards Chocolates

For many, the month of June is sweet for several reasons. It’s the end of the school year for students and teachers, meaning summer is finally here. Many people celebrate graduations and weddings. A lot of families start taking their vacations, and head to the beach for the weekend.

However, not many people know that June is a sweet month for one big reason: it’s National Candy Month!

The month started as a way to celebrate the confectionary business: one of the longest-running family-owned industries in America which created tens of thousands of jobs over the years. Each week, most people in America enjoy candy at least twice, and confectionaries have essentially become a part of American culture. That’s why we celebrate it every June.

And with two weeks left in the month, there’s still time to get your fill. Here’s what we have at Hilliards Chocolate to celebrate:


Truffles are a great go-to candy because they are a widely popular candy of choice. We offer a variety of different truffles, some large, some bite-size, but all delicious in their own right. Whoever chooses to indulge with these enjoying these will be doing National Candy Month right.

Chocolate Pretzels

Because why not have salty and sweet? It is one combination that we’ll never grow tired of. Our chocolate pretzels come in either milk or dark chocolate, and are the perfect accompaniment to bring to your next get-together. Or maybe, to keep to yourself.


This is one item we are so proud to be well-known for: homemade fudge. Like many confectioners countrywide, our recipes have been passed down for years, creating a chocolate that has been enjoyed for generations. And they come in a ton of different flavors.

Homemade Bark

For those looking for a harder bite, there’s always this crowd pleaser: homemade bark. This brittle chocolate is offered in tasty selections like almond, caramel, and pecan, amongst others, and is one of our personal favorites. Why? You’ll just have to try it to find out.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong in celebrating National Candy Month. It’s a special excuse to indulge in some chocolate. For more information on what we offer, contact us today!