June is National Candy Month!

Ah yes, the sweetest month of them all. June is in full swing which means you should be satisfying your sweet tooth every chance you get; it’s National Candy Month! Here at Hilliard’s Chocolates we’ll take any excuse we can get to celebrate all things sweet and delicious, and we invite you to do the same! Stop into any one of our three locations this month and grab a few of your favorite treats!

Why it Exists

Founded by the National Confectioners Association in 1974, National Candy Month is a means of celebrating the innovators, makers, sellers, and lovers of all things candy. Why June? While there may be several different historical reasons, the one we stand behind the most is that June is halfway to the holidays. It’s the perfect time to remember that giving up chocolate and candy for your New Year’s resolution was a terrible idea. Who could argue with that?

Celebrate National Candy Month with Hilliard's ChocolatesWhy you Should Celebrate National Candy Month

We know for a fact that we don’t have to twist your arm too much when it comes to indulging in the sweet stuff. Nonetheless, we’ve got a few excuses in our back pocket for you. June is the month that we start welcoming summer. It’s when we see a lot of people celebrating graduations and the end of the school year, as well as dance recitals, weddings and more. Why not celebrate National Candy Day right alongside all of these big life milestones?

What to Indulge in

Fortunately for you there’s no shortage of confectionary goodness to delight your taste buds with at Hilliard’s Chocolates! From tasty truffles and unforgettable fudge, to chocolate chewies you simply can’t resist, there’s something for everyone during National Candy Month.

Stop into our Easton, Mansfield, or Norwell location today and celebrate with your favorite confectioners at Hilliard’s Chocolates!