July Marks Our Annual Fudge Sale!

Your calendar now says July, which means the Hilliard’s Chocolates annual fudge sale is back! If you love fudge like we do, you’ll be salivating at the discounted prices on select signature and special fudges. Please note, our fudge is on sale from July 1st-July7th! All our fudge is made from time-tested family recipes and is hand-stirred in our copper kettles. We use only the highest-quality fresh cream and butter. Notably, all our fudge is made with natural ingredients and is devoid of preservatives.

Which Fudge Flavors Will be on Sale This July?

Penuche Fudge This year, our classic chocolate, penuche and sea salt-caramel fudge flavors will be on sale! The classic chocolate is ideal for chocoholics; it’s renowned for its delectable chocolate flavor, and can include crunchy walnuts or peanut butter.

Our old-fashioned penuche fudge is made from rich, warm brown sugar and comes plain or with walnuts, while the sea salt-caramel is, as its name suggests, a combination of sweet caramel and a bite of sea salt, making it one of our most popular flavors.

Please note, our mouthwatering fudge is only on sale in-store—not online or by phone. What better excuse to come on in to one of our shops to take advantage of the July fudge sale? Check out our hours and locations here!