Hilliards House of Candy Suggests Its Scrumptious, Decadent, Lucious, and Delicious Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

Hilliards House of Candy chocolate covered strawberries are absolutely just right for Valentine’s Day.  We only offer them a few times a the year in our stores – although, for special orders, we are ablet to provide them on any date.

No company does chocolate covered strawberries like Hilliards House of Candy, the leading chocolate and candy maker in Greater Boston.

Here we repost information on our chocolate covered strawberries that was published on our blog last May, when we were promoting the special confection for Mother’s Day:

Not only are Hilliards chocolate dipped strawberries the best tasting – but they are also made for an eye catching and pleasing presentation.   You see, our dipped strawberries – unlike those offered by other candy makers – are not just dunked in chocolate, and thoroughly encased – which results in a clunky covered fruit that is not visually appealing.

We make our dipped strawberries differently.  Here is the process, which is varied:

We dip each strawberry in white chocolate, then a second time in either white, dark, or milk chocolate.  We then decorate them with strings of white, milk, or dark chocolate –or chocolate sprinkles, coconut, or other toppings.

And with our dipped strawberries, we keep a short stem and leaves attached to the ripe belly of the berry, which we do not cover in chocolate.   We delicately and artfully dip and craft the strawberry so that the fruit remains visible, set against the mouth watering chocolate. 

Nice!!  Delish!!

And, please, after your purchase of our dipped strawberries make sure that they are consumed within 24 hours so that the person biting into them experiences a fresh delight.

Hilliards chocolate covered strawberries, available in our stores – in Easton, Canton, and Hanover – today and tomorrow, and then not until May and Mother’s Day.

Hilliard House of Candy chocolate covered strawberries – a wonderful gift and expression of affection.