Hilliards Sugar-Free Peppermint Creams

Among the vast trove and selection of delicious delights that Hilliards House of Candy – the leading candy and chocolate maker in Greater Boston – crafts in its own kitchen are scrumptious sugar-free confections.  

These sugar-free candies (sweetened with malitol and sorbitol) include Almond Bark, Butter Crunch, Peanut Butter Cups, Peppermint Creams, Vanilla Caramels, and a Chocolate Assortment.  

We carry our sugar-free candies in all of our three retail stores – in Easton (on Rte. 138), in Canton (at the Village Shoppes, just off Cobbs Corner), and in Hanover (on Rte. 123).  

You can also order our sugar-free candies over the phone or through our website.  

(Important production information: our sugar-free candies are not a reduced calorie food, and those with diabetes should not consume them without the advice of physician; excess consumption of the sugar-free candies may have a laxative effect.) 


And, by the way, here, on the cusp of February, the days are already noticeably longer. Very nice.