Hilliards House Of Candy Creates The Best Looking – Filled With The Tastiest Candy – Easter Baskets To Be Found Anywhere


Okay, if you grew up celebrating Easter, a fond memory just has to be the Easter basket that awaited you on Easter morning. 

It was, perhaps, padded with fake grass, and stocked with all sorts of candies and snacks, including chocolate bunnies, chocolate malted eggs, marshmallow chicks, jelly beans, peppermint creams, nuts  … and so much more.  

Hilliards Family Fun Easter Basket

For decades, Hilliards House of Candy, the leading chocolate and candy maker in Greater Boston, has been creating and forming beautiful looking Easter baskets filled with a variety of our delicious homemade confections, and other scrumptious delights.This year, as always, we have several varieties of Easter baskets.

And they all look great, and all the contents of each taste awesome.

And all will be a pleasure to give and to receive.

To inspect up close our wonderful baskets, and all our candy – and also to be enveloped in the rich smells and the spirit and the decorations of Easter – please stop in to any of our three stores:  in Easton on Rte. 138; in Canton, at the Village Shoppes, just off Cobbs Corner; and in Hanover on Rte. 123.

You can also order online and over the phone.  We ship.

Happy Easter!!