Hilliards House Of Candy Advises – That No Matter How The Vote Turns Out – There Is A Post-Election Place In Your Life For Chocolate

What wonderful nation in which we live – in which so many of us hold strong and fervent political passions – and our rule of law and our system of government has done a superb job in guaranteeing free and open elections and the privacy of our voting decision.   

The Hilliards House of Candy flagship store in Easton, and our two stores in Canton and Hanover, are located in metropolitan Boston, an area so fundamental and important to the launch of our great republic.  It is a republic, imperfect, but the best government yet created by humanity.  

Our elections are evidence of the strength of our government, our people, our nation.  

And tonight and in to tomorrow, there will be a lot of people happy about election results, and a lot of people not happy election results.   

No matter the outcome of the vote – and who you supported in the election for all the offices contested – Hilliards House of Candy strongly advises that chocolate be a part of your post-election routine.  

Chocolate is a wonderful remedy for a down and dispirited attitude.  Chocolate is a wonderful component of any celebration. 

Win or lose – Hilliards House of Candy recommends chocolate.