Hilliards Chocolates Easton Store Opening the Seasonal Ice Cream Parlor

Oh, how sweet it is to dream of summer. We are all craving sunsets on the sand, sunshine filled baseball stadiums, poolside cannonballs, and of course, ice cream.

Hilliards Chocolates officially opened our Easton Ice Cream Parlor on Friday, April 13 in anticipation of warmer weather.

With the weather forecast starting to look up, we are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces covered with our homemade hot fudge sauce! We hope you’ll come out and top your fresh baked waffle cone with a homemade ice cream flavor of your choice and stay awhile.

From signature sundaes to a vast number of ice cream flavors, we promise to satisfy your sweet tooth.  You can keep it simple with “strawberry patch” or branch out with “coconut almond delight.” If you really want to make your first cone of the season count, top it with our chocolate jimmies made with real chocolate.

All of our ice cream is hand-crafted in our Easton candy kitchen, made with fresh quality ingredients such as from-scratch cookie dough, homemade toffee, and more. We stir in the purest and most natural ingredients as possible by hand to ensure that each batch meet our standards.

Hilliards Chocolates has worked tirelessly to create such a wide variety of homemade ice cream that we are beyond proud to call our own. In 1991, Hilliards Chocolates started making ice cream and we have been dedicated to producing high quality, premium ice cream ever since.

We hope that you’ll come out and share something sweet with family and friends in celebration of spring and the summer months to come.