Hilliards Chocolates: Dance Recital and Graduation Gifts

The months of May and June are often packed with various obligations including dance recitals and graduations. Whether you are tucking little curls into a ballerina bun or tearfully securing a graduation cap, you certainly have something to celebrate.

Many people have many milestone celebrations in the spring months and Hilliards Chocolates is here to make each one a little bit sweeter.

For Your Dancer

If you have a dancing queen (or king) to celebrate in the upcoming month, consider doing so with our dance pops. These pops come in milk, dark, or white chocolate and can also be purchased as an assortment if you want to offer a little taste of each.

Tied in a colorful ribbon of your choice, our festive dance pops are the perfect way to celebrate your tiny dancer. Consider purchasing several and passing them out to friends as a sweet surprise after the show!

For Your Graduate

Graduating is a huge accomplishment that should be recognized. Whether you’re celebrating a high school graduation or a college graduation, consider giving our graduation cap and gown chocolate favors out at your graduation party. Give the gift of Hilliards Chocolates to the people that haveDance Recital and Graduation Gifts supported you and encouraged you over the years.

A few general gift ideas we’d suggest for either of these occasions include our homemade chocolate assortments, a perfect gift for celebrating any occasion, dance recitals and graduations included. Our milk chocolate assortment is a full selection of all milk chocolates with a variety of soft, chewy, and crunchy centers.

A gift basket is also a thoughtful gift that offers a wide variety of chocolates and snacks to indulge in, perfect for someone that has spent the last few months working hard. (The best breaks are taken with chocolate!) From our peanut butter plus basket to our snack attack basket, we have a gift basket to fit all taste preferences.

Visit Hilliards Chocolates to see all of our incredible gourmet chocolate options to find the perfect gift for all of your loved one’s major spring milestones.