Hilliards Chocolates Celebrates National Ice Cream Month

Hilliards Chocolates produces a variety of chocolate options, from chocolate turtles to chocolate truffles that are creamy enough to make you melt.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, Hilliards Chocolates is opening up about their dedication to producing high quality, super premium ice cream.

We started making and serving ice cream in 1991, as a result of our chocolate sales decreasing in summer months. Believe it or not, people seem to purchase less chocolate when it’s hot outside. (Honestly, we can’t imagine a season without chocolate!)

We knew that producing ice cream would help keep our staff busy all year round, even in our slower months. When we realized we had all the ingredients needed to make ice cream, we knew that creating our own ice cream would be the start of something special. Spoiler alert: we were right!Hilliards Chocolate

After consulting with various ice cream experts, we purchased the necessary equipment needed to get started. To produce our premium ice cream, we use fresh cream and real flavors, all of which are used in creating our signature chocolates as well!  We don’t use any artificial colors or flavors; all of our mix-ins are made from scratch, including our homemade cookie dough, brownies, cashew turtles, and cherry cordials. Our chocolate jimmies are made with real chocolate and are especially popular.

The best ice cream topping? Our homemade hot fudge sauce! It is made using our famous “Bailey’s of Boston” recipe and is an ice cream topping that so many customers, and employees, continuously fall for.  If you stop into the ice cream parlor at our Easton location, you’ll also be greeted by the smell of waffle cones that are baked fresh on a daily basis.

We pride ourselves on using high quality ingredients which is what has built us such a loyal customer base for our chocolates, and we wanted our ice cream production to produce the same results.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to something sweet but you’re hoping to cool down in the process, consider visiting our Easton location to celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Hilliards Chocolates. Our old-fashioned ice cream parlor is the perfect setting for a sweet, summer night.