Happy National Candy Month!

Not only does the month of June mark the official start to summer, but it is also National Candy Month! One of our very favorite times of year here at Hilliards Chocolates, National Candy Month is an opportunity to enjoy all of the most delicious flavors life has to offer.

Wondering how you should celebrate these weeks of flavorful fun? Here are just a few ideas we love:

Try Something New Every Week

Everyone has a favorite candy, but there is always room for change when it comes to a treat of something sweet. This year, celebrate National Candy Month by trying out some new candy options or a twist on your traditional favorite.

Research Your Favorite Candy’s History

History buffs and candy lovers alike can expand their knowledge this month by doing some fun research on their favorite candies. Hit the web, print out your favorite article and read it to your family as everyone enjoys a taste of the candy dessert you are learning about.

Some of the most delicious confections have the most interesting beginnings!

real chocolate jimmiesAdd Some Crunch to Your Ice Cream

Here in New England, the weather really starts to heat up in June, and there is no better way to cool off than with a creamy and refreshing dish (or cone) of ice cream. Hilliards’ Easton Ice Cream Parlor is open all summer long and is the perfect place to quench your craving for high quality homemade ice cream. Just top off your favorite unique Hilliards flavor with some real chocolate jimmies to make your ice cream delight a celebration of National Candy Month as well.

Visit Your Local Candy Store

What better place to spend National Candy Month than inside your local candy shop? For individuals in the Boston area, Hilliards Chocolates has an incredible array of truffles, toffee, chocolates, fudge and much more for you to indulge in. Bring the whole family by the location nearest you to pick out some gourmet candies to try throughout the month of June!