Happy National Buttercrunch Day!

Celebrated annually on January 20, National Buttercrunch Day is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the delectable flavors of buttercrunch candy. Known by a few different names, this gourmet snack is also called toffee crunch and English toffee.  Created from caramelized sugar, chocolate and nuts, the proper cooking of toffee crunch is a delicate process that leads to a warm, buttery flavor. A chocolate and nut coated American candy, buttercrunch was developed from toffee, an easy-to-crack European snack.

Early Beginnings

Although chocolate has been a prized good since ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and Mayans ruled, toffee did not get its start until the early 1800s. First mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary in 1825, toffee is, “a kind of firm or hard candy that softens when sucked or chewed, made by boiling together sugar and butter, often with other ingredients or flavorings added.” While the candy’s exact origins are fuzzy, it is thought to have sprung up in Northern Europe because of the prevalence of butter and the decrease in price of sugar and molasses caused by the use of slave labor in the Caribbean.

milk almond toffee crunchPresent Day Options

The first toffee treats were made using brown sugar and molasses, which is typically substituted for white sugar here in the US. Coated with milk or dark chocolate and topped off with almonds or other nuts, buttercrunch is the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy!

If you are a fan of buttercrunch, there is no better way to celebrate National Buttercrunch Day than with a box of almond toffee crunch or milk almond toffee buttercrunch from Hilliards Chocolates. One of our most famous gourmet candies, the almond toffee crunch is handmade and covered in luscious dark chocolate, then coated with fresh crushed almonds, while the milk almond crunch is made into bite size square, dipped in milk chocolate and covered in almonds.

Whichever buttercrunch candy you choose, you won’t be disappointed! Order online or stop by one of our three Massachusetts locations on your way home from work to surprise your family with a crunchy and sweet dessert this evening.

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