Hanukkah is Here: Celebrate with Hilliards Chocolates

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that recognizes the dedication of the Holy Temple, often celebrated with specific prayers, fried foods, games, and more. Hanukkah began on Sunday, Dec. 2 and will end on Monday, Dec. 10 which means you still have time to purchase our Hanukkah themed chocolates!

Hilliards Chocolates offers themed gourmet chocolates that are ideal for Hanukkah celebrations.

Take a look at our Hanukkah themed gourmet chocolates below:

Hanukkah Pops Trio

Our Hanukkah Pops Trio consists of three milk chocolate pops, and although it isn’t Chanukah gelt, we promise they’ll compare! These rich, milk chocolate pops include a Star of David, a menorah, and a “Happy Chanukah” pop which also has a Star of David pictured in the center of it.

How did we decide on these three specific pops? Hanukkah is typically celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting. A menorah is a candelabrum consisting of nine candles which is a well-known symbol of Judaism. The Star of David, a six-pointed star that is symbolic of Judaism, is also a well-known symbol of the Jewish faith.

Hanukkah Peppermint Bark

Our Hanukkah Peppermint Bark combines signature dark chocolate and smooth white chocolate with natural oil of peppermint to enhance the chocolate flavor. The peppermint bark is layered with blue crushed peppermint hard candy making it the perfect addition to your Hanukkah celebration.

Hanukkah is often associated with blue and white because those are the two colors that appear on the Israeli flag which is why we chose those colors for our Hanukkah Peppermint Bark.

Happy Chanukah Square and Shalom Plaque

If you are looking for small, simple gifts of gourmet chocolates, consider our “Shalom Plaque” or “Happy Chanukah Square.” Both are solid milk chocolate molds that make the perfect small gift for the eight-day festival of Hanukkah.

If you are looking to continue your Hanukkah celebrations with our gourmet chocolates, Hilliards Chocolates has you covered.