Gourmet Chocolates for Veteran’s Day

Here at Hilliards Chocolates, we are so grateful for our United States veterans. We recognize the tremendous amount of dedication, commitment, and passion that it takes to serve our country.

With Veteran’s Day coming up on November 11, consider recognizing the veteran in your life with gourmet chocolate from Hilliards Chocolates.


Chocolate Malt Balls

Our Chocolate Malt Balls are a timeless classic and we guarantee that ours are much better compared to the malt balls of your childhood.  Our chocolate malt balls have a thick coating of rich milk chocolate and are complete with a great malt crunch on the inside. We promise that they are best when shared with good company.

Craft Beer BrittleGourmet Chocolates for Veteran’s Day

Our Craft Beer Brittle is one of our newest items packed with local flavors. Our traditional peanut brittle recipe is created with fresh brewed beer from Easton’s own Shovel Town Brewery. This beer brittle begins as a buttery sweet crunch followed by a nutty flavor from Spanish peanuts chased by a beer finish. It provides a unique taste, different from any other chocolate that we offer.

Popular Assortment

Our Popular Assortment is packed with milk and dark chocolates, with soft, chewy, and crunchy centers. Our assorted chocolates come in an attractive gift box with complimentary ribbon ready to give. We have a variety of sizes available to fit all price ranges.

This November, make sure to thank a veteran for their selfless service. If you can’t find the words, let Hilliards Chocolates gourmet treats thank them for you.