Give Guests the Gift of Love this Wedding Season

The spring season is full of blushing brides, happy hearts, and flourishing flowers. With wedding season in full swing, many of you are probably in the midst of planning your big day.

While planning a wedding is a thrilling it also takes hours, days, and months of planning. Between tasting cakes, viewing venues, and addressing invitations, couples often have limited time to decide on wedding favors. Luckily, Hilliards Chocolates has a variety of wedding themed chocolates that make perfect favors.

Wedding Cakes

Send a little slice of your wedding cake home with your guests with these wedding cake shaped chocolates. These chocolates come in milk, dark, white, or assorted, giving you plenty of options. They are also individually wrapped and you can choose from a variety of colored ribbons, making it easy to customize them to your color choices.

Caramel ApplesCaramel Apples

Although caramel apples are often thought of as a “seasonal” item, they are perfect for any season when they are double dipped in chocolate and caramel and tastefully dressed as a bride and groom. These caramel apples are dressed to impress and will look beautiful displayed.

Rose Pop

Roses have a history of being one of the most romantic flowers ever, and as a result, they make frequent appearances at weddings. Although it’d be fairly expensive to give each of your guests a red rose, a chocolate rose pop is certainly an option. Our chocolate rose pops come in milk, dark, white, or assorted and have a customizable ribbon option as well. Shower your guests with chocolate flowers and they’ll be sending you the thank you card.

Sailboat on the Water

Sailboat on the Water Many people have themed weddings, and nautical is a popular one within the Massachusetts Bay. While we have a variety of nautical-themed gourmet chocolate favors, one popular favorite is our “sailboat on the water.” These milk, dark, white, or assorted chocolates come with light and dark blue jelly bellies so the ship appears to be floating.

Wedding season is sweet, but giving your guests the gift of Hilliards Chocolate, will make it all the sweeter.