Gift Baskets… The Essence of Class and Fanciness

Ok, that might be exaggerated a little bit, but the former bumbling boss, Michael Scott, from the hit NBC comedy The Office had the right intention.  “Gift baskets are amazing, Phyllis. Gift baskets are… the essence of class and fanciness. They are the ultimate present a person can receive.”

A Hilliard gift tower or basket may take it one step further.  They include all the classic candies, chocolates and treats people have come to enjoy and love.  Combined in a basket they make a great gift for any time of the year, but especially in the holiday months quickly approaching.

Take, for example, the “Classic Collection” basket.  The basket includes bite size truffles, almond toffee crunch, assorted chocolates, hostess mint squares, chocolate covered pretzels and fresh roasted cashews. It’s presented nicely in a basket with a classy looking ribbon.  This gift is sure to impress anyone including a client, coworker, family member or friend.

Halloween and Thanksgiving gifts can be tough to find, especially something that varies from the normal. The, “Small Pumpkin Pie Tower” is a great alternative to a bag of candy. It combines all the delightful treats of a fall feast in one easy to give tower. Homemade Pumpkin Fudge in an adorable small pie plate tops a 7 ounce popular assortment of chocolates in milk and dark chocolate.

There’s even a fall themed basket perfect to say thank you to anyone including a host/hostess or business associate during this season of Thanksgiving. Baskets full of decadent confections are beautifully arranged by expert basket makers. Baskets can includes an assortment of bite size truffles, almond toffee crunch, milk chocolate non pariels, popular assortment of chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels etc. It’s decorated and themed with orange and red colors.

All of the towers and baskets can be themed and decorated appropriately for the time of year, occasion, or purpose for giving.  The next few months are all about giving gifts and showing thanks. Give something with a personal touch.  As Michael Scott so eloquently said, “In the end, life and business are about human connections.”