Getting Out Ahead Of It; Hilliards House Of Candy – The Leading Candy And Chocolate Maker In Greater Boston – Highlights One Of Its Easter Special Confections


Easter and the Easter season are most important and sacred days of observance for Christians worldwide. 

Easter is also tied to the season of spring and reawakening – and the festive atmosphere of bunnies and Easter baskets and candy. 

And generations of people in Greater Boston have delighted in giving and receiving Hilliards House of Candy confections and Easter baskets during this special season. 

This year, Easter Sunday falls on March 31.   

Hilliards Peppermint Bunny Bark

As Easter approaches, in this space we will highlight different special Easter candies and treats that Hilliards makes in its own kitchen and which are available in any of its three stores, in Easton, Canton, and Hanover. 

You can also purchase our scrumptious delights over the phone and online. 

Today we do a call out to the Hilliards famous Peppermint Bunny Bark

As described on our website, the Peppermint Bunny Bark is “decked out for spring with pastel chocolate shavings,” with one “layer of our rich dark chocolate and one layer of our creamy white chocolate flavored with just the right amount of refreshing peppermint oil.” 

Our Peppermint Bunny Bark is soooo good. 

Please stay tuned to this blog for more updates on our Easter candy.