Get Ready for Hilliards Chocolates Annual July Fudge Sale

If you’re a Hilliards Chocolates fan, you probably know that July is a special time for us. (And perhaps for you too!) You guessed it, with July comes the in-store Annual Fudge Sale!

July brings discounted rates on our specialty fudge which is made from our signature recipes and hand-stirred in our copper kettles.

Our sale includes our classic fudges along with some new flavors as well. Each week, we’ll highlight one of those flavors that we think you’ll love. Here’s a few to watch out for:

Cookies & Cream

This delicious vanilla fudge comes laden with crushed chocolate cookies. It is basically like the ice cream flavor itself, distilled into fudge form It’s sure to delight everyone who tries it both young and old.


If you’ve ever had a mudslide drink before, you can probably taste our mudslide fudge already! Kahlua and Irish cream fudge, swirled together to fudgy perfection. It’s not the signature Kahlua drink but it might just be the next best (or better) thing.

Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Our milk chocolate covered strawberry fudge tastes like fresh strawberries; a favorite summer flavor for sure! We created a velvety milk chocolate fudge and topped it with a casing of sweet strawberry fudge. Get all the flavor of chocolate covered strawberries without the melty mess.

Chocolate Peanut Butter 

This fudge is truly one of the classics worth mentioning. Who doesn’t love delicious, creamy peanut butter fudge topped with a layer of chocolate fudge? We sure do and so do our happy customers who have been enjoying it for years.

Please keep in mind that our fudge sale is for in-store visitors only and discounted fudge cannot be ordered online or over the phone; you’ll just have to stop in, see us, and shop around!

We look forward to our Annual July Fudge Sale more than anything because it allows us to showcase our fudge to the public for their tasting pleasure. And the best part? They’re all on sale.

Contact Hilliards Chocolates today with any questions!