Fall into Autumn with Festive Gourmet Treats

The fall season has so much to offer from breathtaking fall foliage to warm bonfires on a crisp evening. Here at Hilliards Chocolates, we are all big fans of the fall season and our seasonal specialties are a reflection of that.

Hilliards Chocolates offers a variety of gourmet fall flavored treats that will pair perfectly with the cool and cozy times ahead.

Caramel Apples
Our caramel apples are decadent and festive, making them a top seller year after year. Not only are our caramel apples delicious to taste, they are incredibly pretty to look at as well. The apples we use are locally grown and picked, ensuring an irresistible freshness. We dip them in our famous caramel and chocolate and sprinkle them in a variety of toppings including, sprinkles, pecans, peanuts, Butterfinger candies, and more.

Apple Pecan Caramel Bark
If you have trouble deciding on a favorite “signature” fall flavor, our apple pecan caramel bark can offer you a little taste of everything. Our apple pecan caramel bark is topped with several fall favorites including cinnamon sugar tossed apples and fresh pecans. The toppings are embedded into a rich, white chocolate that is topped with a buttery, caramel drizzle.

Pumpkin Swirl FudgeFall into Autumn with Festive Gourmet Treats
Pumpkin is a fall flavored must and we think pumpkin is best when it’s paired with chocolate. (But really, isn’t everything?) We have combined the sweet taste of pumpkin with our rich, exquisite chocolate fudge to create out pumpkin swirl fudge. If you are a fan of pumpkin spice, you’ll love our pumpkin swirl fudge that is everything nice.

Jack-O-Lantern Pop
If you’re looking for a cute fall-themed gift to give out to the little pumpkins in your life, consider our Jack-O-Lantern pops. Hosting a party for friends? They make a perfect treat for people of all ages, especially for a pumpkin carving party. Complete with a candy corn nose and a colorful decorative ribbon, these milk chocolate pops are perfect for any fall-themed event.

Looking for more fall-themed, gourmet snacks? Visit our “seasonal specialties” page to view all of them.