Explore World Record Chocolates

Here at Hilliards, there are very few things that we love more than chocolate. From creamy milk chocolate fudge to dark chocolate cashew turtles, there are so many delectable ways to enjoy this rich treat. Whether it is paired with fruit and nuts or eaten on its own, chocolate is a well loved dessert staple. Long before it was used in recipes, chocolate was used in marriage ceremonies and baptisms by the ancient Mayans. In more recent times, chocolate has been used to create world record structures, the most recent being an enormous chocolate coin.

Largest Chocolate Coin

The most recent chocolate world record was awarded to Fundación Nuestra Tierra on October 1, 2015. More than 100 Venezuelan chocolatiers worked together to create an enormous chocolate coin to present during the Expo Ferio Internacional del Chocolate 2015. The final product was made entirely of Venezuelan cocoa and weighed 873 kilograms – more than 1,900 lbs.

Tallest Chocolate Sculpture

In December 2010, a French chocolatier by the name of Patrick Rogers created an incredible Christmas tree made entirely of dark chocolate. This beautiful and detailed work of art took a month to make and was used to raise money for the French Association against Myopathy. Weighing in at 4,000 kilograms, the sculpture was more than 32 feet tall.

Largest Chocolate Bar (By Area)

This April, another chocolate world record was set in Croatia to celebrate the 25th anniversary of chocolate manufacturer Nadalina. This giant dark chocolate bar was made at the manufacturer’s plant and transported to the city square in Split, Croatia for locals and tourists to enjoy.

While we don’t sell any chocolate quite as large as the record setters above, Hilliards Chocolate does have a wide array of delicious, homemade chocolate treats to choose from. Order some of your favorites online or stop in to one of our three Massachusetts locations to satisfy your craving today!