Enjoy Pecan Caramel Apple Bark on National White Chocolate Day!

Fall is quickly approaching here in Massachusetts, as is one of our favorite days of the year: National White Chocolate Day! Sure, when it comes to rich, creamy, sweet and delicious chocolate, most individuals prefer the milk or dark chocolate varieties. But we at Hilliards Chocolates believe that is only because they haven’t tried the perfect white chocolate snack yet.

Maybe you have been told that white chocolate isn’t actually real chocolate. Or maybe you haven’t found the right flavor combination to pair with it. Trust us; white chocolate is worth a second look. Made from cocoa butter instead of cocoa powder, this creamy treat has a distinctly different flavor than the milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties most of us are used to. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious in its own right.

Thursday, September 22 marks white chocolate’s annual observance, and we can’t think of any better way to celebrate than by picking up some of this gourmet candy to enjoy with your family for dessert. Here at Hilliards, one of our absolute favorite white chocolate treats is the homemade Pecan Caramel Apple Bark we make. A fall staple, this rich combination of apples, pecans and white chocolate is tossed in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with a buttery caramel for a mouthwatering flavor you won’t be able to get enough of.

Stop by either our Easton or Mansfield shop, or visit us online to stock up on all your favorite gourmet white chocolates before its time to celebrate this indulgent flavor this Thursday!