Eating Chocolate Makes You Smarter


That’s not entirely true, although we like to think so.  It was however the inspiration for some internet buzz last week when a USA Today article was published detailing a study done by Dr. Franz Messerli, of St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital and Columbia University in New York.


“A study ties chocolate consumption to the number of Nobel Prize winners a country has and suggests it’s a sign that the sweet treat can boost brain power.” The article also states, “He examined whether a country’s per-capita chocolate consumption was related to the number of Nobels it had won — a possible sign of a nation’s “cognitive function.”


Of course it’s a little crazy to think the sole reason a person wins the Nobel Prize is because of eating chocolate, but it is interesting none the less.  Last week we wrote about giving away gift baskets and towers as gifts.  This only reinforces our point.  Why not give a gift people will love, shows great thought, and makes the recipient smarter!


We’ve added more gift baskets and towers to gear up for the holiday season.  Corporate orders are coming in all the time, and we ship all over the country right from our customer’s lists to make it as easy on them as possible.  Some of our new baskets are filled with chocolate, like the happy holiday gift basket.  It includes our handmade chocolates, truffles, fresh roasted large cashews, chocolate fudge, milk chocolate non pariels, topped off by one of our handmade chocolate dipped candy canes, and delightful milk chocolate soldier!


There are plenty of new options for gifts ranging in size, style and options.  Get a gift that will taste great and “make everyone smarter!”