Did You Know July is National Ice Cream Month?

Unsurprisingly, July is national ice cream month! Ice cream is always delicious, but it seems to taste better during hot July days. As such, July is an ideal time to indulge in sweet frozen treats from Hilliard’s Chocolates.

Our Easton location, at 316 Main Street (Route 138), is home to our seasonal old-fashioned ice cream parlor. We’re scooping Monday- Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and 11-9:30pm on Sundays! So come on in with family and friends after a day at the pool or a summer barbecue.

Handmade Ice Cream From Fresh Ingredients

All our ice cream is house-made from only the freshest ingredients, using recipes we’ve been perfecting for more than 90 years. Here are just a few of the delicious flavors you can try:

Columbian Coffee

If you’re looking for an afternoon “pick-me-up,” then try this ice cream! It has a robust flavor and is made from real Columbian coffee!

Coffee Brownie Madness

Brownies are amazing. Coffee is wonderful. And ice cream delicious. As such, it’s no surprise that a dessert featuring those three components is a local favorite. If you like mochas, you’ll love this ice cream; it’s a blend of Columbian coffee ice cream and chunks of homemade, fudgy brownies.

Ice Cream MonthCookie Dough

A classic. Although until you’ve tried ours, you may not have experienced cookie dough ice cream in all its glory. Our sweet cream ice cream is studded with house-made cookie dough bites. It’s a savory blend of goodness!

Cherry Cordial

Our shop is renowned for our hand-dipped, cherry cordials. It features juicy cordials mixed with sweet cherry ice cream, making it the ideal treat for a scorching hot July day.

French Vanilla

No one has ever called our vanilla ice cream “plain.” We use the pure vanilla of the highest quality to make this classic ice cream treat extra flavorful and leave you reaching for more.

Healthy Options

If you’re watching your waistline this summer, try one of our frozen yogurt flavors, which are all fat-free before mix-ins. We also offer refreshing lemon and raspberry sorbets.

Whichever flavor you choose, consider topping your treat with some homemade hot fudge, caramel sauce or marshmallow topping. We hope to see you during National Ice Cream Month!