Chocolate is a Man’s Best Friend

Father’s Day is coming up; sweeten up the start of Dad’s summer with Hilliards Chocolates. Forget the fishing pole and walk away from the leather wallet.

We have a variety of gourmet chocolates that Dad will love just as much as another golf club.

Milk Chocolate Cashews

If Dad loves snacking while he watches the big game, our milk chocolate cashews are a perfect fit for him. Available in two different sizes, these large cashews are generously and completely covered in rich milk chocolate. They can be a great late night snack for Dad, but remember, it’s up to him whether he shares them or keeps them to himself. (Maybe you should go with the bigger size after all!)

Peanut Butter Cups

Hilliards Chocolates Our peanut butter cups are made of rich chocolate with smooth, creamy peanut butter filling. If the peanut butter jar is constantly running low, and you know Dad is responsible, curb his peanut butter cravings with a gourmet treat instead. These come in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate allowing you to customize the chocolate itself to Dad’s preferences. Dad definitely isn’t going to want to share these; we’d purchase an “emergency supply” for the rest of the family.

Snack Pack Tower

Hilliards Chocolates If chocolate doesn’t feel like quite enough for the man that taught you what you know, consider purchasing a snack pack tower for Dad instead. Our snack pack tower is filled with a variety of crispy, crunchy snack items. The pack includes chocolate covered Oreos, butter toasted peanuts, barbeque corn sticks, and so much more. It might take Dad quite some time to get through this, but that’s dependent on his snacking abilities so we aren’t making any promises!

Visit Hilliards Chocolates to see all of our incredible gourmet chocolate options that are guaranteed to satisfy Dad’s sweet tooth this June.