Celebrating National Grandparent’s Day with Gourmet Chocolates

Grandparents often have delicious treats in their kitchen and it is our turn to give something sweet back to them.

Celebrate National Grandparent’s Day by rewarding the sweetest members of your family with gourmet chocolates.

National Grandparent’s Day is coming up on Sunday, Sept. 10th and if you haven’t decided on how to thank your grandparents for their endless love and support, we suggest giving them some of Hilliards Chocolates best sellers.

Bite Size Truffle Assortment

For the grandparent that is always asking for just a “little taste,” our bite size truffle assortment is a great gift. Filled with a variety of different flavored truffles, ranging from raspberry to tiramisu, this is sure to please all preferences. Plus, most grandparents love to give and this assortment is made for sharing so you can sneak a piece for yourself. This truffle assortment can be ordered as a 15 or a 32 piece box and comes with gift wrapping options.

Chocolate FudgeNational Grandparent’s Day Gifts

A timeless classic, our famous melt in your mouth chocolate fudge is a decadent gourmet chocolate gift option. It is made from scratch with fresh cream and butter, and stirred by hand in a copper kettle using a wooden paddle.  We call it our “labor of love,” a concept that grandparents are so familiar with. So many grandparents give to others expecting nothing in return for their efforts;  give back to them.

Real Chocolate Jimmies

One thing that most grandmothers do well is bake, and if your grandmother loves spending time in her kitchen, give her our real chocolate jimmies to use on her signature sweets. Our “real” chocolate jimmies, commonly known as sprinkles, are made with real chocolate. Our jimmies provide a delicate flavor that will melt in your mouth, perfect for a topping on one of grandma’s famous birthday cakes.

Grandparents deserve the best of the best so take a look at some more of Hilliards Chocolates best sellers in time for National Grandparent’s Day.