Celebrating National Boss Day

When you work for a boss that is genuine, caring, and considerate, it is easier to get up and go to work on a daily basis. When someone is rooting for your success, those massive projects feel doable and Monday doesn’t feel quite as unbearable.

However, being the boss is often a thankless job. Many bosses are constantly encouraging employees but rarely receive encouragement themselves.

With National Boss Day coming up on Monday, Oct. 16, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your boss with gourmet chocolates.

Gift Baskets                                                                                                            

If you don’t know your boss too well on a personal level, consider giving them a gift basket. A gift basket is full of variety, offering a little taste of everything if you aren’t sure what your boss prefers. Our fall themed gift basket has bite size truffles almond toffee crunch, popular assortment of chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, etc. Interested? Be sure to call ahead and place an order with us.

Bite Size Truffles

Our assortment of bite size truffles includes mint, caramel, chocolate, tiramisu, hazelnut, and raspberry. Truffles are a perfect gift for the boss that is notoriously on the go, as most are. Truffles are a perfect Monday afternoon pick-me-up! (Or a morning pick-me-up, we’re not judging!) We also have truffles available in pumpkin, amaretto, cupcake, and more.

Popular Variety Box

Shopping for multiple bosses? Consider sending a box of popular assorted chocolates. Our full variety box has milk and dark chocolates of all different types, perfect for a group to share. Keep in mind, if you’re hoping to get your hands on some Hilliards Chocolates yourself, this gift also might be your best option if your boss is typically generous.

Seasonal Fall Specialties

If your boss loves all things autumn-themed, we now have plenty of seasonal gourmet chocolates available. From pumpkin pie fudge to apple pecan caramel bark, your boss will certainly “fall” for our seasonal specialties. Looking for something that they can bring home to the family? Consider fall caramel pops, perfect for a boss with little ones waiting for them at home.

Interested in looking into some other options? Visit Hilliards Chocolates today!