Celebrate the (Bitter) Sweetness that is Back to School Time

Wow, can you believe that we’re coming up on the end of August already? These last few months have really flown by, and while some are sad to see summer go (*ahem* the kids) parents everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. Another long summer break has been survived! Hooray!

Of course you love your children, but it’s OK to admit that summer vacation can be a bit overwhelming. After months of being a 24-hour taxi and referee, you need a break. Fortunately, it won’t be long before the kids are loading up on the bus and getting out of your hair. Time to celebrate with something sweet!

Rich Chocolate Truffles

The ultimate indulgence if you ask us. There’s nothing more satisfying then biting into the hard shell of a chocolate truffle and allowing the soft, creamy center to melt over your taste buds.

Chocolate-Covered Cookies

When’s the last time you were able to enjoy a glass of ice-cold milk and a cookie without little hands reaching out and asking for a taste? Well now’s your opportunity! Sit down, relax, and enjoy our chocolate-covered Oreos in absolute peace and quiet.

Craft Beer BrittleShovel Town Brewery Brittle

When pick-up time is a bit too early for a celebratory drink, this is the next best thing. Made with fresh-brewed beer from Shovel Town Brewery right here in Easton, our Craft Beer Brittle is one of our best selling items.

While you’re busy enjoying your freedom, try not to forget that your child is likely mourning the loss of his precious summer vacay. Being the awesome parent that you are, you can’t let him suffer for long, right? Fortunately our chocolates are just as capable of cheering people up as they are of helping them celebrate. Surprise him with something sweet in his lunch box for a mid-day pick-me-up that’s sure to make him smile!

Chocolate PopsFootball Chocolate Pops

The great thing about chocolate pops is they’re quick, delicious, and because they’ve available in variety of fun molds, kids love them! If you have a school athlete on your hands, there are plenty of sports-themed chocolate pops to choose from that would be perfect as an after practice treat. Otherwise, any one of the chocolate pops featured here would make for a great lunch snack.

A Bag of our Self-Serve Candy

Stop into any one of our locations and fill a bag with a variety of your child’s favorites. We have a wide selection of goodies to choose from, including gummy candies and jelly beans! Depending on how hard your child is affected by the back to school blues, you could choose to gift them with the whole bag all at once or divvy it up throughout the week.

Ice Cream from our Easton Location

After a long, hard day of school work for the kids and enough time apart for you to start missing them again, why not treat them to some ice cream at our Easton location? It won’t be long before the season comes to an end and the ice cream parlor closes, so get out and enjoy it while you can! Grab a cone and enjoy a game of corn hole on our front lawn.

The first few days back to school can be an adjustment for everyone, regardless of whether you’re the relieved parent or the slightly bitter student. The good news is that our chocolate always seems to make bad things good and good things even better. Stop in to one of our shops today and let us show the whole family that just because summer vacation is coming to an end doesn’t mean there isn’t still something to look forward to!