Celebrate National Chocolate Mint Day on February 19!

If you are a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream or peppermint thins, you are in luck, because your new favorite day of the year is almost here! This Friday, February 19, is National Chocolate Mint Day, the perfect occasion to indulge in one of the best flavor combinations around. How did a day like this come to exist? If you look all the way back through history, we actually have the Spanish to thank for bringing a chocolate drink back to Europe after discovering it in the New World.

The History of Mint and Chocolate

Chocolate was originally ingested as a bitter drink, and Europeans liked to add mint to their chocolate beverages, inventing the first delicious chocolate mint combination. And with the popularity of this flavorful beverage, it was understandable that chocolate mint would become one of the first candy creations attempted once chocolatiers started mass producing chocolates in the late 1800s.

Huyler’s in New York was one of the first mass producers of chocolate mints, and their gourmet chocolates inspired ice cream makers and Girl Scouts to create their own incredible minty desserts. According to The International Dairy Foods Association, mint chocolate chip ice cream is the tenth most popular flavor, and we all know that Thin Mints have been the most popular Girl Scout cookie choice since their introduction in 1953!

french mint meltawaysAdd Mint and Chocolate Flavors to Your Day

If you are looking for a way to add chocolate mint to your day, there are plenty of great ways to do so. Here at Hilliards Chocolates, we recommend making a mug of hot chocolate and mixing in a hostess square to warm up from the chilly outdoor weather. If you love dark chocolate, another enjoyable option is to share some French mint meltaways with your family for an after dinner snack!

Whether you are looking to send some chocolate mints to a loved one or are interested in enjoying some yourself, Hilliards has a delectable snack you will love. Shop with us online or visit one of our three Massachusetts locations to enjoy the bright flavors of National Chocolate Mint Day!