Celebrate Easter with Hilliards Chocolates

We love celebrating Easter with bright colors, fresh starts, beautifully woven baskets, and festive gourmet chocolates. With Easter being just several weeks away, it’s time to start filling your baskets with our gourmet chocolates and treats. From peppermint bunny bark to chocolate birds nests, we have a wide variety of Easter goodies.

Bunny Tail Truffles

If you want an Easter treat that will stand out among the classic foiled eggs, (although we offer our own delectable version of those as well) we suggest purchasing our bunny tail truffles. These truffles are dessert size and are hand rolled in white chocolate and sprinkled with sweet pastel coconut shreds. Place them out on a festive floral dish for an impressive and unique Easter treat.

Easter Basket

If you’re looking for a gift for a grandchild, a nephew, a niece, or a family friend’s child, our Easter basket is ideal. It is filled with a variety of Easter candies from small solid milk chocolate rabbits to marshmallow rabbits. We are happy to do the work, let us put together a beautiful basket for you! These baskets are available in store and can be customized with a woven ribbon and cellophane.

Classic Milk Chocolate Easter Rabbit

As much as we love creating unique gourmet chocolates, we also love creating our personal versions of the go-to classics. Our classic milk chocolate Easter rabbit, umbrella in hand, looks great placed into an Easter basket or individually wrapped as a single treat. A classic chocolate bunny can be such a thoughtful gift for a friend, a coworker, or someone in need of a little sunshine this spring season.

Cream Filled EggsCelebrate Easter with Hilliards Chocolates

This treat is a top seller for good reason. Our cream filled eggs come in a variety of flavors such as butter cream, coconut cream, chocolate nut fudge, or peanut butter. If you’re heading to a loved one’s house on Easter and want to make sure you have something for everyone, bring a variety of these cream filled eggs with you. Tulips are great but multiple kinds of chocolate are definitely better!

These choices are just several among many Easter candies that we offer. Whether you are looking for a pre-made basket or a selection of goodies to fill your own, Hilliards Chocolates has something for every bunny.

Written by candymanblog