Caramel Apples are Back for the Fall Season

The most anticipated seasonal specialty of the year, Hilliards Chocolates’ homemade caramel apples are finally back in stores for the fall season! Whether you have been waiting for them to arrive since the end of last autumn or have just begun hearing rumors of their delicious flavors, we promise that they are well worth the wait.

Why? They are made using only the crispest apples from the tops of the trees at nearby C.N. Smith Farm in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts (while supplies last).

These exquisite apples are then dipped in caramel, cooled, dipped in chocolate (milk, dark or white) and topped with sprinkles, nuts and other delicious confections.

From cranberries to Oreos, and butterfingers to sea salt, there is a topping that everyone will love.

Our delicious caramel apples are always the talk of the town come September, since we only have them up until Thanksgiving. If you want to get a bite of crisp, buttery caramel and chocolate goodness, make sure to stop in to our Easton, Mansfield or Norwell (to open approximately Oct. 15th) shop to pick your apples up while you can!

Not sure which flavor you will enjoy most? We recommend splitting a couple different flavors with your whole family for an enjoyable dessert experience.

We hope you enjoy your homemade caramel apple delights and look forward to seeing you in-stores this autumn season!