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Hilliards House Of Candy Fudge – There Is Nothing Like It; Why is It Sooooo Good? The Highest Quality Ingredients, For Sure; But Also “How” Our Fudge is Made is Essential to its Deliciousness

Hilliards House of Candy has distinguished itself for the scrumptiousness of all its candy – cream filled chocolate, dipped strawberries, bark, mints (including chocolate covered), toffee, truffles, caramels, chocolate and caramel covered apples, sugar free chocolates, brittles … and so much more. And, of course, there is one of our signature delights – one for… Read more »

MORE GOOD NEWS ABOUT DARK CHOCOLATE AND YOUR HEALTH – Hilliards House of Candy Does a Call Out to a Study that Shows that Dark Chocolate May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

At this blog, Hilliards House of Candy likes to mention and cite evidence that dark chocolate just might be good for you.   So today we reference the results of another study released last week that suggests positive health properties of dark chocolate.   In this study, researchers at San Diego State University found that dark chocolate… Read more »

Hilliards House Of Candy Fresh Roasted Nuts – Delicious And Healthy

Many people don’t know that Hilliards House of Candy carries a line of healthy and delicious nuts that are fresh roasted in our own kitchen.   We also offer snack mixes that are rich in nuts, including a “Fruit and Energy Mix” (photo at left) which is highly concentrated in nutrients and fuel for the body. Please… Read more »

Sweet Fundraising – Hilliards House of Candy Chocolate Bars

Hilliards House of Candy does a thriving business in chocolate bars for fundraising. For decades, our chocolate bars have helped schools and organizations successfully raise money for their programs and projects. Of course every Hilliards chocolate bar we sell – every single milk chocolate, peanut butter filled, crisp, caramel filled, and dark chocolate bar – is made according to… Read more »


Below are just some of the intensely delicious flavors (including a description of each) of ice cream that Hilliards House of Candy offers in the ice cream parlors in its Easton and Canton stores: Chewy Cashew Turtle Soup – We put chunks of our very own milk chocolate cashew caramel patties (otherwise known as turtles)… Read more »


And the annual launch of Hilliards House of Candy delicious homemade and delectable ice cream is almost upon us. Yes, this coming Friday – as is tradition, the Friday after Easter – the ice cream parlors in the Easton and Canton stores will be open.   Things are busy at these locations, with candy displays being moved… Read more »